a creative partner in visual communication

The graphics I have chosen to show have a variety of target audiences, purpose and techniques. In the 25+ years as a graphic designer, I have developed talents that contribute to a complete communications package: writing copy, proofreading, photography and branding/ID. Recent focus is on web site design and internet technology to supplement my extensive knowledge of the print industry as that continues to evolve with digital advancements.

Proficient with both Mac and PC, I'm current with new products, methods, and factors which directly influence print and the internet. Social media has had a big impact on providing me with current information and connections for networking on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Respect. I have developed wonderful business relationships based on mutual respect, and they continue to grow with referrals and repeat business.

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Donna Blazey   

 creative marketing designs and ideas

         digital illustration, vector files and traditional art

                   branding expertise, proofreading and quality assurance 

Annual report for GSSSI. Having designed their reports for more 10 years, each very unique in structure, paper and overall feel, it was requested to have a light and fun design. See more at RECENT WORK.